Conceptual Instagram Posts

All of these projects read across as sets of 3 formatted for Instagram. Each one holds a different concept.


3- Series MIDNIGHT STUDIOS Separate Collection Advertisements
I created 3 Advertisements for the brand MIDNIGHT STUDIOS by Shane Gonzales. Each ad is a separate collection that the brand has done in the past. The first one on the left is based off the MIDNIGHT RAVE collection that they released late 2018. The middle ad is based off the collaboration the brand did with Courtney Love, and the last ad on the right side is a ad based off the upcoming collaboration they have with converse. I used images from the last collaboration to start off the layout and it quickly became something quite interesting. The converse ad is my favorite of the series. 

Frank Ocean Met Gala Pictures

The first ever showcase of Frank Ocean’s Met Gala Polaroids.
Carefully curated and organized within the theme of Frank Ocean.
All images used were taken by Frank at the Met Gala combined with little “Easter Eggs” that highlight aspects of frank himself.
Intended Audience : Frank Ocean Fans & Fashion Analysts.

Phoenix Guerrero "Joy Divizn" Project

Capturing Phoenix through 3 of his best known attributes:
His brand ‘VIZN’
His work for Revenge x Storm 
His personal Instagram @joydivizn.

Siberia Hills Promo Posters

Promotional Posters for Streetwear collective ‘Siberia Hills”
Each poster features key elements and hits to the brands background and collection themes. The green poster represents the SS19 “Alien Creatures” collection. The red poster represents the FW/19 “Blood Red Himalayas” collection. Lastly the space poster represents the brand entirely and the image it projects through social media and its website.

Golf Wang Project

3 – Series Golf Wang Promo Series
I created a series of posts for the streetwear brand Golf Wang. Golf Wang is run by owner and rapper Tyler the Creator.
 I chose for 2/3 of the posts to be visually interesting ads for their f/w 15 and s/s 16 campaigns. I used images from the campaigns to sort of recreate the same vibe but added a touch of NOTJUSTDIGITAL to each one.
The middle post is of a mock syrup coupon that I used to experiment with packaging design. I took the Aunt Jemima bottle with label and designed a Golf Wang styled label using their label as the reference.

Frank Ocean for Dazed Magazine

(Unofficial) Collaboration
3 – Series Post highlighting Frank Ocean’s shoot for Dazed Magazine featuring Sewer Rats pieces
Used the Original “Dazed and Confused” logo
since Dazed Magazine uses the same font, to pay homage to D&C 

Billie Eilish Project

3 – Series Post Project for artist Billie Eilish
I created fun Billie Eilish posters in a set of 3. This project didn’t have too much direction it was more experimental for the brand to see what I could make of some images I found of her. 
The middle picture had some direction since I wanted to create new artwork around the Gragae Magazine x Takashi Murakmai collaboration. I created an interesting background using Murakami’s infamous flower character and then took pictures that were used in the collaboration and assorted them in my own version. I stayed true to the Murakami brand roots and kept the text strictly in Japanese.

More Posts

 Feel free to message us to get the full concept behind each one.