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Creative Director:
Dominick Alfonzetti

“NOTJUSTDIGITAL is my way of expressing my obsessive interests in the fashion industry and creating content that an audience with similar interests can relate to. I want to make concepts that don’t already exist, I would always think of some interesting ideas for brands or pop culture icons but never had a way of expressing them until I was able to get the tools needed to aid in the creation of them. NOTJUSTDIGITAL is that platform for me”. 

– Dominick Alfonzetti

Dominick p Alfonzetti

The Brand

As a brand NOTJUSTDIGITAL is very young. It is hard to gauge where it will be in a couple of years but as of now, we are just creating content that we believe is new and interesting. Every project starts with an idea which is then broken down based on who or what is it about. Then heavy brand research goes into learning and understanding who or what the brand is about and the message they are trying to convey. With all the information now at hand, we then bring the idea to life visually either through digital design or video production.

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