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What makes us stand out?

Our projects are carefully carried out with extensive research in regards to the brands or individuals that we are creating for. Each one is unique to us and have their own story to tell. Click some of the links above to explore the wide variety of content we have made in the past.

Comme Des Garcons Visual Timeline

The Comme Des Garcons Visual Timeline is one of our most recent projects. We took inspiration from an article written by Marc Richardson of DRY CLEAN ONLY by Grailed. With their permission, we created a visual timeline with the use of the article of the Comme Universe and all the sub brands Rei Kawakubo has to offer.

1017 ALYX 9SM Project

The ALYX STUDIOS Project was a concept first contemplated back in June 2019. Since then we’ve developed the first visually presented working drawings of the infamous “Roller Coaster Belt”. We looked back at Matthew Williams initial inspiration for the belt which was originally designed for Six Flags Magic Mountain roller coasters. We dug into this concept and found the original company that developed the design. We then created the following drawings. Hit the link below to check it out!

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